in wonder #1

Sitting in front of Ryoji Ikeda’s installation at Venice’s 58th Art Biennale our 8-year old son is taken away by the mesmerising images that float the immense screen in a pitch black room. When he shows this video to his friends in school, they are all wondering if this is what the future looks like. But nothing could be less true. His amazing compositions are based on enormous amounts of existing data and are, therefore, by definition a representation of the past. The fact that these kids see this as the future, shows that their awareness of the vastness of data, that is literally floating around in our world today, is limited. The good news is that they are fascinated by it and want to know more about it. There lies a challenge for our society. How to prepare next generations for an increasingly complex world?
Riyoji Ikeda, data-verse 1, 2019, Venice Biennale

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